• Artisan Made          • No water or fillers

• No preservatives   • Non-GMO Ingredients

River House Dressings and Marinades

River House dressings and marinades are much more than sides for fresh green salad mixes or marinades for chicken: they also hit a home run as sauces, dips, and toppings baked potatoes, vegetables, and all manner of meats and proteins.

River House’s line of gourmet dressings and marinades has been a favorite in homes across the country for many years, known and praised for their taste and the impeccable quality of the all-natural ingredients that we insist on using.

But just as importantly, they are equally well known for what they don’t contain:

  • No preservatives

  • No added water

  • No fillers

  • Non-GMO ingredients

These days, it’s more important than ever to know exactly what’s in your food and the quality of ingredients being used. At River House, we take our commitment to flavor and preparation seriously: we want the best for ourselves, so why not make sure that our customers are only getting the same?

Handcrafted in Oretown, Oregon, River House founder and artisan Steven Neufeld began creating his original salad dressing recipes and offering them at the local restaurant he and his wife Joy ran for over a decade. In 2011 Steven and Joy retired from the restaurant and passed the baton of taking the original recipes to the marketplace to Denny Pastega.  While River House Dressings & Marinades remains a small operation, they are still very community-oriented and produce dressings and marinades that are well known for the quality with which they began and have loyal customers across the country.

Steven Neufeld’s culinary training began when he was a child, watching his mother, who came from Vienna, Austria, in the kitchen. Since then, Steven has worked as a coffee shop employee, a dory boat builder, a fisherman, a craftsman, and finally as a restaurant owner, which eventually brought him back to his culinary beginnings creating and producing his own gourmet line of food enhancers.

Every single one of our custom-made dressings and marinades offers a unique blend of natural ingredients, including oil, cider vinegar, spices, herbs, and generous amounts of real cheeses in four of our five flavors — all made to the highest possible standard in our continued pursuit of excellence.

Our Flavors

Cheddar & Chive

We made our Cheddar & Chive dressing with the best cheese we could find, offering you the taste of Tillamook white, naturally aged, extra-sharp cheddar to enjoy on a salad or as the perfect topping for an entrée or baked potato. Or try adding some into your next batch of mashed potatoes for a creamier and more flavorful side dish with just enough of a bit to it. You can also use it as a simple, easy, and delicious marinade for a mushroom dish for an out-of-this-world flavor!

Greek Feta

Our Greek Feta dressing is made with a combination of real feta cheese and Giuliano’s pitted Kalamata olives imported from Greece. Get your taste buds ready for an authentic Mediterranean treat, whether you’re pouring it over a fresh salad, adding it to your pasta sauce, or substituting it for mayo on your burger.

Parmesan Herb

Our Parmesan Herb dressing is the perfect blend of oil, cider vinegar, sweet fire-roasted peppers, herbs, and a generous amount of parmesan cheese. We have selected a parmesan cheese that has aged naturally for over 12 months and has a deep, nutty, caramel flavor for a perfect blend. Make something special out of a fresh green salad, marinate chicken with it, use it as a stand-alone dip for crusty baguette slices, or add it to a green bean casserole that will have your guests begging for seconds!

Blue Cheese

Calling all blue lovers! We use only handcrafted, award-winning Black River blue cheese from Wisconsin in our Blue Cheese dressing. It has an earthy flavor with a creamy and rich texture: perfect for use as a salad dressing, a dip for cut vegetables, or in a sauce for pasta, chicken, or steak. We blend our rich, chunky blue cheese with a special blend of oil, cider vinegar, and spices to make a dressing that truly stands out from the crowd.

Honey Dijon

The Honey Dijon dressing is made with honey from white clover blossoms, which are known for being rich in vitamins and minerals and containing antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is a delicious blend of sweet and hot with an overall effect that gets it just right. You can use it as a topping on your favorite burger, in your favorite fresh green salad, or poured over your next roasted vegetable mix. Delicious and healthy doesn't have to be hard or complicated!

Final Thoughts

We all want our food to be as healthy as possible and made with the highest quality ingredients. But does it taste good, too? A tall order, but River House continues in its mission to provide you with exactly that and more, and all at a fair price. Despite our national outreach, we are still a small, community-oriented company that cares enough to use only the very best in all-natural, wholesome ingredients — with you and your family always at the forefront of everything that we strive to do, now and into the future!

If you would like more information about our products or locate the nearest store that carries the River House dressing and marinade line of products, please visit our website. Look for River House dressings and marinades in the refrigerated section of your local produce department; we're in stores all across the country. You can also find coupons and and sign up to subscribe to our email list for discounts, recipes, giveaways, and special deals.

If you’re looking for more ideas or recipes using the myriad of ways you can enjoy our dressings, you can find more recipes here. Try them all: over a salad or vegetable dish, as a marinade, added to a sauce, or poured over baked potatoes or meat. The delicious possibilities are limited only by your imagination. A dash here, a sprinkle there — there’s little that couldn’t be improved by a little River House magic!

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