River House Cheddar & Chive Dressing

River House Dressings have been a staple of discerning tables for decades. When the River House restaurant opened in 1979, Steven Neufeld's dressings immediately attracted the attention of local patrons. Because salads were integral to the River House menu, the amazing dressings were immediately noticed, and River House Dressings spun off from the restaurant in 1988 so that customers could bring River House's amazing flavors and textures home with them. Today, the family that owns the Blue Heron French Cheese Company is carrying the torch to craft and distribute the full line of River House Dressings so the rich flavor that inspired and satisfied countless customers in Steven Neufeld's restaurant in Pacific City, Oregon can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere!


Cheddar & Chive dressing is known by the quality of its ingredients, and this is what makes River House Cheddar & Chive Dressing so special. River House Cheddar & Chive Dressing, in the River House tradition of quality artisan dressings with rich origins, is made by combining chives with Tillamook extra sharp white cheddar. The blending of locally made white extra sharp cheddar with the "pinch" provided by the chives creates an arresting and powerful savor that makes anything you add it to delicious to the last bite. The naturally-aged cheddar, locally produced, gives the classic savor of satisfaction that has made it an essential part of every kitchen. The essential combination of cheddar and chives creates an experience that will have you asking for more salad.


Additional to salads, the Cheddar & Chive dressing can work great on a baked potato, in deviled eggs, as a bruschetta or crostini topper, and as a dip or finishing sauce. Equally good for special occasions or when you want to add some flare to an everyday meal, River House Cheddar & Chive Dressing elevates your dish to give it a quality it just didn't have before. River House Cheddar & Chive Dressing will give even a side salad the feel of a main course.

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