River House Greek Feta Dressing

River House Greek Feta Dressing is one of the five amazing dressings created by Steven Neufeld for the River House restaurant and became a local and then a regional sensation over the decades. Yet creator Steven Neufeld never expected to be a chef-- originally he moved to Oregon to learn boat building!


While having a deep respect for cuisine instilled by working with his mother in the kitchen as a child as well as the Austrian cooking, the knowledge of how flavors work together brilliantly demonstrate themselves in River House Greek Feta Dressing.


Greek salads are generally well known for two things: Feta and olives. Without them, it simply isn't a Greek salad. Feta cheese has traditional roots in Greece, which can be traced back to Homer's Odyssey in the 8th century B.C. Kalamata olives have been grown for centuries in regions such as Messinia in Greece. River House Greek Feta Dressing uses Greek Kalamata olives and genuine Feta together to take virtually any salad and transform it into a delicious Greek salad.


Of course, this means River House Greek Feta Dressing isn't just good for salads-- it can be used to give your dish a more Greek flavor, can be used to adorn Greek pizza, and makes for a savory alternative to ranch with Buffalo wings!


Today, the family that owns the Blue Heron French Cheese Company is carrying the torch to craft and distribute the full line of River House Dressings so that the rich flavor that inspired and satisfied countless customers in Steven Neufeld's restaurant in Pacific City, Oregon can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere! River House Greek Feta Dressing is not just a perfect salad dressing: it's a way to add a taste of Greece to any dish!

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