River House Parmesan Herb Dressing

River House Parmesan Herb Dressing is an upgrade to anything you've ever tried before that said "Parmesan and Herb" on it. The experience that distinguishes this dressing is the heavy layering of Parmesan cheese, which is then countered by the taste of sweet fire-roasted red peppers and herbs. The contrast of the sharp cheese and the sweetness of the peppers create an explosion of flavor that has been known for centuries, but now can be added to any salad!


Parmesan cheese has a rich history as a dressing on its own since the 14th century, and roasting peppers has been a staple of cooking for as long as humanity has had red peppers. It's the combination of these two bold flavors that distinguish River House Parmesan Herb Dressing from other dressings. It makes for a fantastic addition to any dish: it can be used as a tasty marinade for chicken, as well as any other poultry. It's also great to use as a dipping sauce for vegetables and other snacks, our dressings really make for a great complement to any food.


All five amazing River House Dressings can be shipped anywhere within the continental U.S., so that the amazing flavor of River House Parmesan Herb Dressing, can be enjoyed all over the country!


River House Parmesan Herb Dressing is perfect to give any dish a fresh combination of classic flavors-- or to add spice and sweetness at once to your favorite foods.

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