River House dressings and marinades are much more than sides for fresh green salad mixes or marinades for chicken: they also hit a home run as sauces, dips, and toppings baked potatoes, vegetables, and all manner of meats and proteins.​

River House’s line of gourmet dressings and marinades has been a favorite in homes across the country for many years, known and praised for their taste and the impeccable quality of the all-natural ingredients that we insist on using.

But just as importantly, they are equally well known for what they don’t contain: 

  • No preservatives

  • No added water

  • No fillers

  • Non-GMO ingredients 

These days, it’s more important than ever to know exactly what’s in your food and the quality of ingredients being used. At River House, we take our commitment to flavor and preparation seriously: we want the best for ourselves, so why not make sure that our customers are only getting the same?​

Handcrafted in Oretown, Oregon, River House founder and artisan Steven Neufeld began creating his original salad dressing recipes and offering them at the local restaurant he and his wife Joy ran for over a decade. In 2011 Steven and Joy retired from the restaurant and passed the baton of taking the original recipes to the marketplace to Denny Pastega.  While River House Dressings & Marinades remains a small operation, they are still very community-oriented and produce dressings and marinades that are well known for the quality with which they began and have loyal customers across the country.​

Steven Neufeld’s culinary training began when he was a child, watching his mother, who came from Vienna, Austria, in the kitchen. Since then, Steven has worked as a coffee shop employee, a dory boat builder, a fisherman, a craftsman, and finally as a restaurant owner, which eventually brought him back to his culinary beginnings creating and producing his own gourmet line of food enhancers.​

Every single one of our custom-made dressings and marinades offers a unique blend of natural ingredients, including oil, cider vinegar, spices, herbs, and generous amounts of real cheeses in four of our five flavors — all made to the highest possible standard in our continued pursuit of excellence.​